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Automated legal documents

We know that a lot of transactions are generic and can be automated. However, we also know that having a lawyer gives you the confidence that you're fully protected.

By using our legal tech platform you will be able, for a fixed fee, to get the documents you need, have a meeting with a lawyer, and be on your way.
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White Glove

Traditional Law Services

We know that every business is different. We want to leverage our knowledge, technology, and processes to build you a customized solution.

By engaging with us, you know that you will have the full network and knowledge of Renno & Co at your disposal to execute your legal needs.
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The Offering

Self Serve

Generate your agreements through our legal tech platform.
Reviewed by a lawyer

Incorporate your company

Hire employees

Finance your company through SAFEs

Protect your data

Plus many more!
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White Glove

Access our team of lawyers with domain specific expertise.
Tailored to your needs

All the services in "Self-Serve"

Financing: Pre-Seed to IPO

Privacy Policies and Audits

Mergers and Acquisitions

Intellectual Property and more!

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*FYI we're calling the traditional law firm model "White Glove"  😉
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