Link Sharing in the Digital Age


October 12, 2020

Josephine Bulat

Now more than ever, humans live in an increasingly digitized world. Not only does technology make certain tasks easier to organize and complete, it can also help increase people’s efficiency at work. As more companies begin opting for employees to work from home, it is useful to explore platforms, applications and techniques for people to optimize their productivity in an online, yet protected, landscape. ‍

Collaboration and networking is happening more online, so files and projects are becoming larger and larger, taking up digital space and slowing down the speed at which people can work together. Link sharing is a way to transform this new online environment to allow more people to share files and projects with ease from their own computers.

More companies are creating link sharing applications so other users of the same program can access information – for instance, Microsoft has a free Link Sharing application allowing you to connect multiple devices, to create downloadable links for sharing images and files, and to generate secure access codes so more private projects can be protected.

Google is a company that went beyond link sharing among its own applications, and allows companies to create their own exclusive domain for an online shortcut of their own.  

Last December, Google introduced new as a domain extension where anything you create can have a quick and memorable shortcut associated with it. It is designed to bring users directly to a page to begin creating content, no in-between steps required. For instance, Spotify’s domain allows you to create a new playlist to add songs to your Spotify Library.

From a business perspective, link sharing shortcuts such as .new increases the likelihood that your customers will use your website to create or search for content – there’s no “middle man” involved, no extra searching. The domain extension brings the user exactly where they need to be to create and share files.  

The professional world has been changed forever – the online environment is no longer a scary place to conduct business. And with great change, such as this, comes great responsibility on businesses to keep up to speed with customers and their needs.  

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