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visionary entrepreneurs

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Forget what you know about lawyers and law firms.

We’re a full service digital law firm that’s been doing things differently since our inception. We help builders who are using emerging technologies to build the future.

From smart automation to client success design, we think like a startup to give you advice & experience that helps you build your business. We’re not just a law firm, we’re building the future alongside you.

Expertise that Gives You the Edge

Our lawyers have been pioneers in the world of web3 and other emerging technology. Our relationships run deep with investors, banks, entrepreneurs, and project managers and more stakeholders. That’s why we’ve guided leading companies.

Entrepreneurs at heart

We incubate lawyers who are entrepreneurs themselves. That's why we're focused on finding practical solutions to build your vision. Our lawyers have started:

A man with airpods working on his laptopA man with airpods working on his laptop

Unparalleled Client Experience

Our client success team is with you from the start - so you will have a great relationship with your lawyer from day 1.

Our NPS score 8.7; Average law firm NPS score - they don't even measure itOur NPS score 8.7; Average law firm NPS score - they don't even measure it

Our clients, our pride

Right from the start, I knew that the Renno team had people who could think outside the box to help build our business. They consistently act like partners and team members, not as external professionals. I know they are invested in our success, and that gives me confidence. They have become some of my favourite people to work with!

Lisa Loud

What I care most about is getting practical business answers to my questions and challenges. Someone who can understand our business quickly, and work well with our way of doing business. The Renno & Co team is both practical and responsive. They understand my reality and know how to create value for my team.

Lorne Sugarman
CEO, Metaverse Group

Most business deals die because legal teams are not responsive enough, or they draw out a problem over a long period of time. The Renno team is not like this. They help us get things done, on time. They help us notice the blind spots, and don't get bogged down on the unimportant factors. This makes a big difference in our fast-moving industry.

Deven Soni

The team at Renno is reliable, efficient and professional. We always feel like a priority when we work with Renno. The team always assesses every situation and presents us with multiple solutions and scenarios. There are very few quality Web3 firms that truly understand the market and our needs. Renno is a trusted partner with high knowledge in the space.

Anne Ouellet
Chief Marketing Officer, Galxe

We reached out to 15 law firms before picking Renno & Co. With big law firms, people are unresponsive, you have to talk one thing to one guy, and another thing to another guy, and they don't talk internally. The Renno team gave us work with a personal touch. They understood what we did right away, because they are in this space. They focus on giving practical advice and solving problems before they appeared.

Filip Primec

It's great to work with Renno for our North American work. As a law firm deeply entrenched in the same space as us, we are able to frequently collaborate on problems and opportunities in this space. I have been impressed with their quality of work and their responsiveness.

Mario Casiraghi

I wanted to work with a tech-driven law firm based on a strong relationship. The Renno team was open to doing it this way. Being able to scale up as we have grown up has been very valuable to us. Not a lot of law firms can scale up and continue being this responsive.

Brad Yasar

To build a business, you have to act fast. Other law firms I'd spoken with would take 2-3 days to get back to us. And I had no idea what I'd get billed. The Renno team was not like this. They know how to be responsive, give me practical answers, without me worrying about some large surprise bill! They've been instrumental in helping us get setup and grow.

Konrad Baj

Right from the start, the Renno team have acted as partners and friends to our business who give us timely and smart advice. Renno & Co is focused on growing alongside us. Working with this team is like a breath of fresh air because we know we can get reliable help when we need, how we need it.

Alex Daskalov
The Team

Building the Future

We're bringing together the best people in the world to build that gives great advice. We don't just hire lawyers. Our team includes artists, technologists, authors, PhDs, researchers, and others who are focused on building the future.

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Toufic Adlouni
Co-founder, Managing Director

Before starting a degree in law, Toufic did a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management, serving him a great deal in analyzing the regulatory issues affecting the Canadian digital asset and blockchain market. Though entrepreneurship was always his passion, it will forever be cemented as plan B after a miserable failed attempt at playing football for Chelsea F.C.

Robert Zalcman
Senior Associate

With a strong background in software engineering and 8 years of experience in corporate and commercial law, Robert focuses on counselling clients in the technology and start-up industries by helping them with commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and contract drafting and negotiation.

David Oram
Co-founder, Chief Business Officer

Throughout all his endeavours, David has always placed team building and leadership at the forefront of his work, all while leveraging the latest in technology to achieve his personal goals. The desire to do this at a larger scale is what led David to launch companies that are disrupting the traditional legal landscape and spearhead Canada’s first digital law firm.

Aaron Baer
'Partner' and Director of Training & Development

Prior to joining the firm, Aaron was an equity partner at Aird & Berlis. He is also the Co-Founder of 4L Academy 🎓, a training organization that provides modern, interactive training for young Canadian lawyers and law students. His practice focuses on M&A and tech, though he also works with a broad range of clients on corporate and commercial matters.

Pouya Makki
Associate, Securities & Crypto Asset Law

Pouya is a forward-thinking business lawyer with a keen interest in innovative and disruptive technologies. Specializing in blockchain and digital assets, Pouya is an associate primarily practicing in the tech industry. With a JD from the U of T and a background in philosophy, you’ll never find a dull conversation with him. When he's not doing law, he's probably spinning beats or organizing parties. 🎉

Michael Cain
Associate, Venture Technology

Michael is a venture technology lawyer with a background in mechanical engineering. Michael brings the legal experience of having worked at a large international law firm, advising clients in a variety of technology verticals with M&A, purchase agreements, VC financing and commercial agreements. As a SaaS founder in the legaltech space, Michael is passionate about working with promising technology startups and helping them grow.

Bianca Lessard

Bianca is from Montreal, Quebec and she oversees the intellectual property practice at our firm as a trademark agent in training. She is passionate about the different ways a company can protect its most valuable assets and will assist you with making sure you have the best strategy in place. Bianca has significant experience with the tech and web 3 industry, having completed a master’s degree in Intellectual Property and emerging technologies in Paris and co-founding the first NFT gallery in Canada.

Ari Mike Varjabedian

Ari is living proof that no one can help startups better than entrepreneurs themselves. As an LLP and founder of several companies, ones including Nanaglow Skincare, Ari brings his experience and expertise to provide the best tailor-made legal services to every client. With the philosophy of leading without a title, Ari continuously exceeds expectations through knowledge, energy and perseverance.

Alexandra Faircloth
Articling Student
2nd Year LLB

Alexandra is a second-year law student at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law with a passion for emerging technologies. Throughout her undergrad and law school, she worked in cybersecurity for the Government of Canada. In addition to this, she has worked with multiple refugee law organizations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. When she’s not working, she’s either cooking or trying out new restaurants.

Dhawal Tank
Head of Business Development

Dhawal has been training lawyers across the globe on how to do business development effectively through Build Your Book. He comes with nearly a decade's experience doing sales and marketing at Fortune 100 and tech startup companies. He is the winner of the Drucker Challenge and a leader of tomorrow from the Swiss Symposium. In his spare time, he is an avid reader, writer, and dad joke connoisseur.

Trent Skanes
Director of Data Privacy & Fractional GC Services

Trent helps high-growth companies to commercialize and scale their operations while keeping mindful of the legal risks (and challenges) and navigating them effectively. He loves curling and the Blue Jays.

Frank Hepworth
Web3 Consultant

Former associate and member of the Digital Assets Group at BLG LLP. I provide analysis and consulting to engineers who are building within a proximity to decentralized finance.

Essa Abdool-Karim
Emerging Companies and Fintech Lawyer

I am a lawyer at Renno & Co working with startups and growth stage companies. I represent corporations, both start-ups and medium sized companies, on a variety of corporate and commercial matters. Specifically, I work with blockchain/web3 companies, fintech companies, med-tech companies, and crypto exchanges.

Noah Billick
Partner - Director, Regulatory, Funds & Compliance

I solve complex legal and compliance problems. Expertise in IIROC, CSA (PM/IFM/EMD), SEC/RIA, crypto, AML, and privacy. Regulatory M&A. New registrations and change-of-business applications. Cross-border matters. Experienced General Counsel and executive team member. Licensed portfolio manager. Team leadership and mentoring. Practical, business-oriented advice.


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We're bringing together the best people in the world to build that gives great advice. We don't just hire lawyers. Our team includes artists, technologists, authors, PhDs, researchers, and others who are focused on building the future.


What they say about us

We're bringing together the best people in the world to build that gives great advice. We don't just hire lawyers. Our team includes artists, technologists, authors, PhDs, researchers, and others who are focused on building the future.