Services for Every Business Stage.

Renno & Co divides its services according to the different stages of a business – to make things easier for you.


General Counsel as a Service

Have the power of a law firm always backing your company.

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Flat Monthly Fee

Negotiable rates, depending on your needs.

Access to

Access our online bank of documents, plus have your own documents automated.

General Corporate Maintenance

Annual resolutions, minute books.

Discounts on other packages and services

Customized to provide access to the services you need.

Talk-and-Text packages

Get legal advice at your fingertips. No matter your communication preferences, we have you covered.


Expand to Canada

We make the process as smooth as possible.

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How long doesit take to incorporate?

Within 24 hours after we have the required information. Everything can be done electronically and signed via Docusign.

Can I access SR&ED credits if I do not incorporate a Canadian entity?

No – SR&ED is only available to Canadian entities

Do I need a resident Canadian director to incorporate a Canadian company?

No - as of July 2021, Ontario has changed its rules to remove the director residency requirement. You can incorporate in several Canadian provinces (including Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) without the need for a resident Canadian director.

What type of corporationshould I incorporate?

Two options: either a standard Canadian corporation or an unlimited liability corporation (ULC). We’ll work with you and your tax advisors to determine the optimal approach. Note that there are no C Corps, S Corps or LLCs in Canada.



Bring on new partners and investors!

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Canadian Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Are you looking to raise funds in order to start, scale or further develop your business?

Seed – Series A+

Are you getting venture capital or angel funding for your startup?

Partnership Formation

Need consulting for onboarding new partners?

Asset Purchase Agreement

Buying or selling a piece of property?

Initial Public Offering

Let us help you make your company public in Canada or the US!



Take your company to the next level.

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Master Service Agreements

Set terms and conditions with customers or service providers.

Consulting Agreements

Get outside help and manage expectations between both parties.

Employment Agreements

Protect your company and your employees.

License Agreements

Permit another party to use your property under a specific set of parameters.



Get your business off the ground.
Self-serve options are available.

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Incorporate federally or provincially, with named or numbered corporations.

Business Registration

Need help figuring out the business registration process?

Shareholder Agreements

Do you need to set up governing rules for your company?

Intellectual Property Assignments

Secure firm IP generated and accessed by staff and collaborators.

With expertise in

Corporate & Commercial
Data Privacy & Cybersecurity
Intellectual Property
Financing & Acquisition

Legal Solutions for the Builders of Tomorrow

We provide practical legal guidance to help you build, grow or sell your business, fund, project, or dream at every stage of the journey.


We’ve been there – in fact, most of our team runs their own businesses. So we know how tough the entrepreneurial journey is.

That’s part of what makes us unique – we’re not just legal advisors. We’re also startup advisors who have been there in the trenches.

On the legal side, we’ve seen all the mistakes you can imagine. Ask us how much time we’ve spent cleaning up messes that entrepreneurs could have avoided if they had done things right in the first place.

There are so many things that you have to do for the first time as an entrepreneur: incorporate a company, hire an employee, issue stock options, enter into contracts with service providers, raise money, etc.

While it may be your first time, it’s nor our first time. We’ve worked with hundreds of startup clients – from some of the smallest in Canada to a number of unicorns.

We’re a team of young, entrepreneurial lawyers whose bread and butter is working with startup clients.

As a result, when you work with us, you’ll be working with lawyers who understand your business and can provide practical, cost-effective legal advice.

You have a big idea and you’re looking to become the next unicorn.

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Getting a business off the ground isn’t easy. Trust us, we know.

That’s not just because we’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs. It’s because most of our lawyers are entrepreneurs who have started and currently run their own businesses.

You’re trying to raise money from investors, but you need someone who can help protect you manage the process with more sophisticated investors. We give practical advice during these stages - we work with you to get the deal done, while giving you sound support and guidance.

That’s where we come in – we’ve worked on tiny financings for our early-stage clients. And we’ve also worked on huge ones (including the biggest one in Canadian history).

When you work with us, you’ll be working with lawyers who understand your business and can provide practical, cost-effective legal advice.

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Buying or selling a business for the first time is stressful. The process feels overwhelming and full of potential roadblocks.

Your goal is to close the deal and protect yourself from some risk. Our job is to let you sleep peacefully at night and get the deal done on time and on budget.

Most of our lawyers are entrepreneurs themselves, so they know what it’s like to be in your shoes. It’s why we’re known for providing practical, cost-effective advice.

Some of our lawyers literally teach lawyers at the biggest firms in Canada how to run M&A deals.

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Intellectual Property

You should protect the ideas and brand that you are building. We provide straightforward solutions to solve this for you.

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intellectual property

Regulatory Compliance

As you grow, you will need the right licenses to operate in certain ways (e.g. when you’re building financial products and services). You will also need on-going support to remain compliant, pass any audits, and solve tricky situations with the ever-changing regulations.

Our regulatory compliance solutions will offer you practical solutions from professionals who have been in the trenches at some of the largest FinTech companies in the country.

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regulatory compliance

General Counsel as a Service

You’re past the seed or even Series A phase of your business, and you need on-going legal help. However, bringing in a General Counsel seems too much. Instead, get multi-disciplinary help for a fixed monthly fee to support your regular legal needs.

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general counsel as a service

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