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The Issue with Existing Compliance Advisory Services

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started, General Counsel or Chief Compliance Officer at a growing company, or a Portfolio Manager who’s been at this for decades, our regulatory compliance services will give you peace of mind. Get practical, business-focused advice and implementation services from a team that’s been there, done that.

Overpriced, Incomplete Answers

Too often, the “experts” have never actually worked in the industry.  They have excellent theoretical knowledge but they don’t understand the true challenges of running an investment business.  Or, you may have found that your work is not actually done by the experienced expert who brought you in as a client, but by a junior with little experience. You pay a lot but you don’t get clear, actionable answers and your issues drag on.

Lack of Urgency

When you’re facing an audit, or are in the middle of a transaction or growth plan, you cannot afford to wait for answers. You need practical, business focused answers fast.

Impractical Solutions

Expensive policies and procedures that just collect dust are of little use. You need a solution that’s catered to your business needs that goes beyond the jargon and theories to implementable ideas. Our team bridges the gap.


To a hammer, everything is a nail. Some practices are too narrow to handle the wider gamut of compliance needs. You need a solution that can zoom in to the details of your business cycle, as well as zoom out to the wider industry norms.

The Renno & Co Difference

Practical Business Advice

We’ve been in the trenches in real companies, ranging from shiny new fintech startups to Canada’s oldest and most well-established financial institutions.  We are former Chief Compliance Officers and General Counsels, and we work with a wide network of independent consultants. We aren’t here to give theoretical advice, but real practical answers.

Technology Driven

We believe technology can be a part of the solution in helping you move quickly, get compliant, and focus on your business. We can help you implement practical solutions.

Leaders in the Field

We are leaders in this field. Our team leads the industry with their ideas, influence, and impact. We are up to date with the latest happening in the field and can see hurdles before they block you in the future.

Get Back to Your Genius Zone

Your genius zone is what you are really good at.  Our genius zone is solving complex regulatory problems in practical, efficient ways.  Your genius zone is probably building businesses or making money for your clients.  So why are you spending your time on regulatory issues?  Spend too much time outside of your genius zone and it starts to suffer.  We can help get you back to doing what you do best.

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What We Offer

We offer regulatory compliance peace-of-mind.  We provide a full suite of compliance consulting services, from initial design and registration to ongoing maintenance, personnel solutions, and complex problem-solving.

Working closely with our legal counsel practice area, we are staffed by experienced professionals who have worked in the trenches in executive compliance and risk capacity at leading institutions, including regulated crypto, money services businesses, IIROC dealers, portfolio management and investment fund management.

We can handle all aspects of registration, including drafting and implementation of policies and procedures manuals, client disclosures, business planning, arrangement of Financial Institution Bonding, communications with regulators, and more.

On an ongoing basis Renno & Co provides regulatory updates, reviews of regulatory materials, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reviews and reposing, regulatory audit support, registration, and more. We can also provide outsourced compliance officer support, mandatory training programs, and a full suite of AML and ATF support services.

We can be your trusted partner when you have a complex problem to solve.  Ranging from regulatory enforcement, client complaints, internal investigations, and virtually anything else that could arise, we have the experience and expertise to bring any challenging situation to a satisfying outcome.

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Noah Billick

Noah Billick leads our Compliance practice. Noah has more than 15 years of experience in the investment management industry.  He has worked in a wide variety of businesses, ranging from single-advisor companies to integrated Securities Dealers to digital-only fintech platforms.  Noah has broad operational experience and has been a licensed portfolio manager, Chief Operating Officer, has recruited advisors, and has led acquisition and divestiture transactions of regulated entities.  His advice is practical, effective, and grounded in his experience.


Our clients, our pride

Right from the start, I knew that the Renno team had people who could think outside the box to help build our business. They consistently act like partners and team members, not as external professionals. I know they are invested in our success, and that gives me confidence. They have become some of my favourite people to work with!

Lisa Loud

What I care most about is getting practical business answers to my questions and challenges. Someone who can understand our business quickly, and work well with our way of doing business. The Renno & Co team is both practical and responsive. They understand my reality and know how to create value for my team.

Lorne Sugarman
CEO, Metaverse Group

Most business deals die because legal teams are not responsive enough, or they draw out a problem over a long period of time. The Renno team is not like this. They help us get things done, on time. They help us notice the blind spots, and don't get bogged down on the unimportant factors. This makes a big difference in our fast-moving industry.

Deven Soni

The team at Renno is reliable, efficient and professional. We always feel like a priority when we work with Renno. The team always assesses every situation and presents us with multiple solutions and scenarios. There are very few quality Web3 firms that truly understand the market and our needs. Renno is a trusted partner with high knowledge in the space.

Anne Ouellet
Chief Marketing Officer, Galxe

We reached out to 15 law firms before picking Renno & Co. With big law firms, people are unresponsive, you have to talk one thing to one guy, and another thing to another guy, and they don't talk internally. The Renno team gave us work with a personal touch. They understood what we did right away, because they are in this space. They focus on giving practical advice and solving problems before they appeared.

Filip Primec

It's great to work with Renno for our North American work. As a law firm deeply entrenched in the same space as us, we are able to frequently collaborate on problems and opportunities in this space. I have been impressed with their quality of work and their responsiveness.

Mario Casiraghi

I wanted to work with a tech-driven law firm based on a strong relationship. The Renno team was open to doing it this way. Being able to scale up as we have grown up has been very valuable to us. Not a lot of law firms can scale up and continue being this responsive.

Brad Yasar

To build a business, you have to act fast. Other law firms I'd spoken with would take 2-3 days to get back to us. And I had no idea what I'd get billed. The Renno team was not like this. They know how to be responsive, give me practical answers, without me worrying about some large surprise bill! They've been instrumental in helping us get setup and grow.

Konrad Baj

Right from the start, the Renno team have acted as partners and friends to our business who give us timely and smart advice. Renno & Co is focused on growing alongside us. Working with this team is like a breath of fresh air because we know we can get reliable help when we need, how we need it.

Alex Daskalov

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