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Privacy Law Changes in Quebec
Recently, the Quebec government introduced a bill that would change the current privacy law landscape of the province for both the public and private sectors. Especially in times of pandemic while many businesses are opting for a heightened digital presence, these changes come at a crucial point. If you are a business owner in Quebec or if you are planning on opening your business in Quebec, you might want to give this a read!
How-To Start a Business: From the Tech Ground Up
The technological world moves fast – one day, we’re impressed by a new version of an iPhone, and the next day Elon Musk is developing brain implantation devices as small as a coin to treat paraplegia.
Pre-Money versus Post-Money: What Valuation Cap is Best for You?
Determining how to measure a company’s valuation is an essential beginning step, both from the perspective of an investor and a start-up.
Funding your start-up
…is no longer a one size fits all!Everyone loves to see the headlines for the latest unicorn or decacorn and flashy big numbers which grab people’s attention. But, what most entrepreneurs don’t know and need to realize is that there is a spectrum of funding (outside of organic growth) that may be available to them to realize their full vision. Venture Capital will always have a place, but both the options for start-ups and investors is changing.
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