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Renno & Co Launches a Whole New Take on Practicing Law

Boutique Law Firm Renno & Co Launches a Whole New Take on Practicing Law with New Tech and Business Model

With an entrepreneurship mindset and backed by technology, Renno & Co is changing the way people can access legal services – and the way they see the law.

MONTREAL, QC – September 21, 2020 – Today, Renno & Co, a boutique corporate law firm, has launched their new legal tech platform, automating much of their standard corporate and commercial work.

In 2020, it makes no sense for individual lawyers to be paid hundreds of dollars an hour to input names and addresses into template contracts or to draft simple agreements. Clients are generally unimpressed by how expensive legal services are these days, and question if they always need a white-glove service for every contract.  

Renno & Co has listened to clients and has developed a client portal where clients can choose a variety of automated agreements, all of which are reviewed by the lawyer. Clients simply click which agreements or documents they need, answer various questions, send the necessary information to them, and a lawyer will do the rest. That lawyer-to-client interaction still exists, as a lawyer is always available to chat and assist. Efficiency is maximized, money can be saved, and time is used wisely.

“In the current legal market today, you can either find template contracts with basic automation or you have to go to a law firm and do things how they were always done – there is no third way. Here at Renno & Co, we want our clients to benefit from the powers of automation all the while knowing that a lawyer shall be available if you have any questions. We’ll always be reviewing automated agreements and providing final approval before sending it out,” says Toufic Adlouni, managing director of Renno & Co.  

Not only does Renno & Co’s platform automate the simple stuff, its questionnaire asks questions as a lawyer would, and its logic engine can:  

  • triages from a variety of contracts;  
  • has the ability to automate if-then actions;
  • can insert and remove certain clauses accordingly; and  
  • does necessary mathematical calculations for you.  

With many of the corporate and commercial agreements automated, this frees up a Renno lawyer to work on more complex matters in a more profound way.  

“What we hope to accomplish is that automation shall free up our lawyers to perform more high value work for our clients, such as offer strategic business and legal advice, and help our clients strategize and implement their business goals in creative and novel ways.” – says Toufic. “Now that’s the future of law!”

Change is happening regarding the interactions with clients.

Gone are the days where you need to step into a law firm or lawyer’s office to dive into the details of what you want. COVID-19 has exacerbated this trend line, with many in the legal industry scrambling to keep up to the pace of digitization and change. Renno & Co has been completely digital and paperless since its inception, leveraging the best of what legal technology has to offer to make the legal experience as seamless as possible while reducing their environmental footprint.

Renno & Co wishes to change your relationship with your lawyer.

As a start-up centric law firm, Renno & Co holds core values regarding transparency, innovation, and entrepreneurship. More importantly, a tenant of how the lawyer-client relationship is dealt with at Renno & Co is with growth. Renno & Co wants to be your business partner and grow with you. “One thing that we value at Renno & Co is being an entrepreneur. With such experience, you effectively have walked a mile in the client’s shoes! So you understand exactly what legal challenges they are facing” says Toufic.

Change is happening regarding why clients need help.

The world is changing at such a fast pace and it often seems hard to keep up. This especially holds true for the business and tech worlds. Renno & Co prides itself on being a firm that not only sees the changes happening today, but also looks to the future to try and anticipate what is to come. Concentrating in different aspects of tech law, such as cryptocurrencies and robotics, is just one of the ways Renno & Co stays ahead of the curve in order to keep up with the needs of new clients. Renno & Co does not want to solve problems that any other law firm could solve; they want to solve the problems no one else can and no one else even knew were issues in the first place.  

Change can be scary and can come unexpectedly, but change is not necessarily a bad thing. So, as the world around us evolves rapidly, it is time that lawyers and the services they offer also welcome this evolution.  

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