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Get responsive on-going legal support at a predictable cost as you scale your tech company

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The status quo is unacceptable

When you're a startup, every second counts. You need help, without worrying about racking up your legal fees.

Most lawyers don't know how to provide this. The fact is that most legal services are stuck in a different century.

You can't just pick up the phone to talk to someone without worrying about the clock ticking. The invoices are vague and rack up. You can't ever be sure of what you're getting with these services. You wish things were easier for your business.

We set out to create just that - a solution that works from your point of view.

the status quo is unacceptable

Enter Fractional General Counsel Services

What you need is a GC...on a fractional basis. That's exactly what we created: harnessing the power of a tech-savvy lawyer ninja, made available part-time for scaling tech companies at a price that makes sense to both sides.

We design a predictable offering for you that makes the most sense for your maturity state. It’s ideal for tech companies who don’t already have a lawyer in-house, but that need help with their contracts, getting their products and services to market, and all the tough negotiations along the way.

We know you swim in risk just by being a scaling venture. So we focus our strategic advisory on your growth - while helping you responsibly manage everything unpredictable that comes up along the way. Whether that’s protecting your IP, managing your data flows, adopting artificial intelligence, or taking on new investment - we’ve been there and are ready for the challenge.

Enter Fractional General Counsel Services

Scaling up with you

Another bonus? Your Fractional GC scales up as you scale up, which keeps costs in line. Consider them as someone who's part of your team - someone who will invest in learning and understanding your business deeply, but who also has the backing and expertise of a full-stack law firm behind them. And someone with humanity and curiosity for the mission you’re trying to achieve. And when you’re ready to hire a lawyer full-time, we considered our mission accomplished!

Finally, with smart technology to automate your suite of core contracts and smooth your legal ops, you get more value than you ever could at any traditional law firm.

the status quo is unacceptable

What's Included




  • Unlimited calls and emails (including monthly check-in on priorities)
  • Contract reviews, revisions & negotiations (NDAs, SaaS, SOWs, SLAs, master services agreements, sales agreements, etc.)
  • Advisory & risk assessments to protect your interests and your IP
  • Organizing and streamlining legal ops using cutting-edge legal tech (client portal via a built-in Rally licence)
  • Free integrated eSigning capabilities
  • Compliance advice, including regulatory and statutory interpretation on all areas affecting your business
  • Assisting with negotiations and mediations
  • Ready to raise – investor readiness & governance considerations
  • Reviewing & adjusting company & user policies (e.g. privacy policy, T&Cs)
  • Formalizing strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Advice & correspondence regarding business disputes (and potential or ongoing litigation)
  • Suite of automated template legal agreements (e.g. USA, RVA, ESOP, PIIA, NDA), including DIY templates
  • Automation of your core legal agreements that you can manage directly with your customers/suppliers, or flag for legal review
  • Preferred access to complementary Renno & Co services
  • Preferred access to corporate services (e.g. acting as registered office for annual returns, attending board meetings)
Starting at $1,500/month.

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Trent Skanes

Meet Trent, the Head of Fractional General Counsel Services.

Trent is from St. Johns, NL.Trent acts as general counsel for tech companies on a fractional (usually subscription) basis. He has expertise in tech law contracting, the legal needs of startups and emerging companies, and privacy & data protection law. He helps high-growth companies to commercialize and scale their operations while keeping mindful of the legal risks (and challenges) and navigating them effectively.

Before Renno & Co, Trent was also a Partner at McInnes Cooper. Finally, he loves curling and the Blue Jays.

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