Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Setup Service

Navigating the financial landscape to set up a corporate bank account can be daunting. Our Bank Account Setup Service simplifies this critical step, ensuring your business has the operational accounts needed to thrive.

Empowering Your Business

A bank account is more than just a place to store money—it's a pivotal component in powering your company's services. Whether you are dealing with traditional currencies or crypto assets, the right banking partner is pivotal to your operations.

Our Tailored Approach

We recognize that each business has unique needs, which is why we offer personalized assistance in selecting and establishing an account with the right bank or neobank. Our expert team will:

Services and Fees

Bank Account Setup
Minor Revisions to your AML Policies
Major Revisions to your AML Policies
Preparation of your AML Policies from scratch
4-5 weeks
6-7 weeks
8-9 weeks
$2,500 USD
$3,500 to $6,000 USD
$7,500 USD

Additional Onboardings

After your first bank onboarding, each additional account setup is offered at a reduced rate of $1,000 USD.

AML Policies and Bank Onboarding

Banking partners almost always ask for well-prepared and Canadian-ized AML policies from the MSBs they’re onboarding. As such, as a part of this service, we need to ensure that your AML policies are in good shape.

Minor Revisions to your AML Policies:
Only if your AML policies are in perfect or near perfect shape and require only minor revisions, if any.

Major Revisions to your AML Policies:
If we have to make major substantive changes to your AML policies, pricing will depend on the level of changes required to have your AML Policies ready for your target banking partner. Sometimes, the AML policies our clients provide us are in such bad shape that it would be easier for us to prepare them from scratch. If this occurs, only the Platinum Service is available as an option.

Preparation of your AML Policies from Scratch:
If you don’t have existing AML policies, we will prepare tailor-made policies for you from scratch that are ready for your target banking partner.

Bank Account Setup Timeline and Process

Step 1: Initial Documentation Collection

At this stage, you will provide basic business information to us, which we will need in order to onboard you with a target banking partner.

Your Tasks:

Provide us a copy of your AML policies (if available).

Provide us any additional company documents (e.g. articles of incorporation, shareholder register, etc.) which our banking partners will need to onboard you.

Step 2: Review of Your Documents

Duration: 1 week >

Our Deliverables:

Reviewing your onboarding documents

Ask you for additional documents or any follow up questions

Step 3: Preparation/Amending of your AML Policies

Duration: 0-4 weeks

Depending on whether you have AML policies, and the state of your AML policies (if applicable), this step can take anywhere from 0-4 weeks to complete.

Step 4: Bank Account Setup

Our Deliverables:

Bank Account Setup