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Looking for banking solutions for your Fintech or MSB company? We’re here to help.

Renno Fintech is proud to support Money Service Businesses (MSB) get banked in Canada and abroad. Expanding your business operations to Canada can be challenging, but getting banked doesn’t have to be. We leverage our deep Canadian and international banking connections to get your company banked ASAP.

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We can help you get banked quickly and at a fixed rate of $2,000 USD. If we can’t pull it off, we’ll refund you the entire amount.

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Will a banking service provider bank my high risk MSB? 
We have a network of banking service providers we work with that have different risk tolerances. We can put you in touch with the right account for you!
What are my banking options as a newer MSB?
For newer MSBs, we generally recommend establishing an account with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) or Canadian Banking-as-a-Service provider. This option is often more economical for companies in the early stages that aren’t handling large volumes of transactions right away. For MSBs with a track record or those affiliated with a well-established foreign business, securing an account with a fintech-friendly bank becomes a more feasible option.